Sophono provides the leading magnetic bone conduction hearing devices for patients with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, and single-sided deafness. Using a traditional bone conduction hearing device that bypasses any problems in the ear canal and/or middle ear, the Sophono device uses the body’s natural ability to transfer sound through bone conduction.

smallest implant processor SophonoWhen it comes to bone conduction hearing devices, your patients will prefer these Sophono differences:

Transcutaneous Energy Transfer (TET™)
The Sophono sound processor picks up sounds through its microphones and converts them into vibrations, which are transmitted through the skin to the skull bone.

No Percutaneous Abutment
This will be great news for patients, especially those who are conscious of their appearance and for children who may not clean the exposed metal routinely.

The Smallest Implant
At a mere 16mm width by 39mm height by 2.2mm depth, the magnetic implant is the smallest on the market and a safe alternative to more intrusive implants.

The Smallest Processor of its Kind
The Sophono processor has the lowest profile in the industry, is easily hidden under hair, and is well-suited even for small children.