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Persona is the oldest custom manufacturer in the Unites States, and one of the largest high end independent hearing aid laboratories.

ole-lineOLEour Flagship line, Olé is one of the finest hearing instruments ever developed. The Olé hearing instrument is the first open fit, completely in the canal hearing device with AirTouch™ Multi-Memory. Amazing sound quality, noise reduction and virtual invisibility make Olé exactly what you desire from a hearing device.

evok-lineEVOKEvok takes into account your unique hearing needs. Automatic features and multiple listening programs allow you to enjoy family, friends, telephone, the television, and even demanding environments like restaurants. EVõK lets you savor life and join in the fun.


monetMONETThe Monet line is a culmination of decades of craftsmanship, technology, and pride. All of the industry landmarks and a few of our very own milestones are smoothly blended into one work of art. With clarity and power Monet is simply art imitating life.


claret-lineCLARETThe Claret 100% digital hearing instrument delivers sound that is clear and precise. The Claret line incorporates digital technology found only in high-end programmable devices, without the need to use a computer or cables for tuning.


accessoriesEARMOLDS AND ACCESSORIESPersona Medical offers an array of earmolds and accessories to perfectly compliment all of our hearing aid lines. Our state of the art earmold lab allows us to offer the highest quality earmolds, swim plugs, musician plugs and hearing protection devices.